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April 20, 2018
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Dental Exam


The journey to your overall oral health begins with a detailed dental examination. This will allow the dentist to check your teeth and detect problems early, giving them enough time to cure those issues in a best possible manner. Dental exams have to be done regularly for safeguarding the oral health and overall well-being. The dental exam is more than just about cleaning your teeth and checking for cavities. The dentist is responsible for examining your teeth in a professional manner and evaluating any risk of developing other problems in your teeth.

The dental exam is more than just about cleaning your teeth and checking for cavities.

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According to American Dental Association, everyone should go through a dental examination at regular intervals. This will help you in maintaining your teeth in a best possible way and also, keep you away from any infections. During the dental exam, the dentist will also share some tips that will help you in maintaining the overall dental health.

Things Carried Out During a Dental Examination

When you opt for a dental examination, a dentist will evaluate several things and offer suggestions if you need treatment. A comprehensive dental exam will include the following.

  • Checking for problems in jaw or during bite
  • A complete oral cancer screening by checking lips, cheeks, tongue and lymph nodes
  • Removing dirt or stains on the teeth
  • A periodontal exam that includes assessment of the gums
  • Checking for any gum disease, root and tooth decay
  • Evaluating complete oral hygiene of an individual
  • Taking X-Rays if needed and offer suggestions for treatment
  • Checking for any tooth replacement or restoration
  • Locating any missing and cracked tooth and identify if any work has to be done

The dental exam is done in an extensive manner and the concerned dentist will take care of several things during the examination.

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