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November 24, 2017
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Dental Surgery


Just like other body parts, oral health also plays an important role. You may experience chronic health issues if you fail to keep your teeth and jaws healthy. In the current era, much advancement has been achieved in the field of dental surgery. Different conditions may need dental surgeries such as tooth loss, impacted teeth, missing or crooked teeth and other oral diseases. Teeth implants can only be maintained if they are in the healthy gum tissues. Several years ago, there was no treatment of poor gums due to which it was impossible to carry out successful dental surgery. But today, research studies have discovered the treatment of different gum and tooth diseases.

Different conditions may need dental surgeries.

Today, Murias D.D.S has occupied a good position in the field of dental health services. All of you would be glad to know that Murias D.D.S utilizes up-to-date techniques to perform dental surgery. It means you can get the best results without any regret. Advanced technology has made possible the provision of cosmetic surgery in which you can get natural-looking restoration along with good color and shape. Reconstructive and periodontal plastic surgery involves both simple and complex procedures. The simple procedures include slight recontouring of gums whereas the complex procedure involves multi-staged grafting surgeries.

Dental surgery is usually carried out for periodontal or gum disease. This disease is basically the inflammation of surrounding and supporting soft tissues of tooth or the jawbone. Gum tissue may often be affected by bacterial attack as a result of periodontal disease. Once the gums are infected by bacteria, it becomes difficult to treat the problem. It is essential to cure this disease as soon as possible otherwise it can destroy the jawbone and connective tissue. Other negative consequences of periodontal disease include tooth shifting, loosing, and ultimately loss. Research studies have revealed that the major reason behind tooth loss amongst the adults in developed countries is periodontal gum disease that’s why it must be treated immediately.

At Murias D.D.S, we offer different treatments for periodontal disease depending upon its severity. If the sulcus between the gums and tooth gets accumulated with tartar, plaque and bacteria, then it can caused severe damage to your gums and jawbone. Our highly professional dentists will evaluate your oral health in detail in order to provide appropriate treatment. Scaling and root planning is often suggested if the disease is diagnosed in the initial stages. Dental surgery has proved to be the best treatment if in case scaling and root planning fails to work.

Why Choose Murias D.D.S?

Before choosing a dental care clinic for yourself, it is important to know about its plus points. In this section we will discuss how Murias D.D.S is better than other dental clinic in Florida.

• We have more than 20 years of experience in this field
• Our dentists are highly qualified and well experienced
• We treat hundreds of patients every year with 100% satisfaction
• Our staff treats patients in a friendly and polite manner
• Patients can also get the benefit of 100% financing