Grafting Procedures

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February 23, 2018
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Grafting Procedures


Grafting procedures are normal in dentistry but there are chances that you might not have heard about it before. Even if you have heard about it, you must have gotten scared, which is completely normal. But grafting is a painless procedure that helps in dental implants.

Teeth form an important part of the body and it is very crucial to take extreme care of your teeth. Very often you have some pain in your tooth but you neglect it and go on a routine work. This could prove costly as the pain that you were suffering from can be due to infection and it might spread to tissues and the adjacent teeth. Hence, you must undergo regular check-ups to keep your teeth healthy.

Grafting is  a procedure that is done for repairing and rebuilding the bone tissues.

Grafting is nothing but a procedure that is done for repairing and rebuilding the bone tissues. Transplantation of healthy bone tissue is crucial for recreating the bones and gum tissues that are missing because of infection. For dental implants, the patient is required to have adequate healthy bones in their mouth. When they lose healthy bones and tissues, they are required to undergo grafting procedures. The natural bones can be lost due to numerous reasons such as face injury, developmental defects, the socket is empty because of tooth removal or if you have gum disease.

The bone loss occurs right from the day of your tooth loss because the socket gets infected easily and the patient neglects it and doesn’t come for an implant on the same day. Thus, grafting is necessary for a patient, who has lost his or her tooth and requires a dental implant.

Murias Dental is a highly professional dental clinic that gives importance to the safety and comfort of the patients. We have two highly educated dentists, who are devoted to enhancing and restoring the natural beauty of the teeth.
Dr German L. Murias is a lead dentist at Murias Dental and is trained in Implant Surgery and Prosthetics and Special Jaw Construction. He is also trained in many fields such as Advanced Bone Grafting, Endodontic Surgery, Sinus Augmentation, Oral Plastic Surgery and much more.

Dr Eric Murias is an Associate Dentist at Murias Dental and is a member of several dental associations. He has also received many certifications in several fields.

Murias Dental has an experience of over 30 years that helps the dentists to evaluate the dental health correctly and in recommending the best treatment. We have our own in-house laboratory for completing various dental implants. We also use the highest quality materials for all our procedures that might be tough if you do not have your own lab.

Due to our top quality service, we have made loyal clients, who choose our dental clinic for all the dental procedures. We strive to work hard in bringing smiles to our patients’ faces and hence, we always improve our services. So, what are you waiting for? Call and make your appointment today for healthy teeth.