Dr. Murias Is An Inventor – The Murias Drill Driver

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Dr. Murias Is An Inventor – The Murias Drill Driver


The Murias Drill Driver – www.inovasurgical.net

DR. MURIAS IS AN INVENTOR. He has invented an instrument called “Manual Driver” (patent pending), and a technique (us patent granted in Nov, 2009) for placing Implants.  The “Manual Driver” is a new and revolutionary technique for placing Implants which allows the surgeon to place the implants while maintaining the integrity of the Bone and Bone Marrow.  This instrument and technique is not meant to replace the Electric Motor handpiece which has been the traditional method used, and which he also uses at times, but rather an alternative way of placing implants.  \

I have been asked many times why I invented this method and technique, and I always say “necessity is the mother of invention”

Every time during and after implant surgery my patients would always complain of the noise of the motor, the vibration and the excessive amount of water in their mouth, these are common things that happen to all of us when placing implants with the electric motor.  Yet another more important thing was happening, which the patients were not aware of, the loss of their bone and bone marrow every time the drill was used.  This important bone is being washed away by all the water needed when using the electric motor.

These things were constantly on my mind during every surgery, until the idea for this instrument developed.  I created the “Manual Driver” to improve and in some cases eliminate the noise, vibration and use of water of the traditional method.  Most importantly my method can recuperate, intact, the patient’s own Bone and Bone Marrow which is responsible for healing.  I can then harvest these cells and transplant it back to the patient, as needed, during the surgery avoiding the necessity of using any other types of bone including synthetic and cadaver bone.

This method, I found, has greatly improved the healing of the implant surgery.  I have also found that in more critical cases the use of this instrument allows for a more precise placement of the implant.  I have been using this method and instrument for many years in my practice with great results.

For more infromation regarding this instrument, visit us online at Inovasurgical.net. You could also Call or email to us if you have any questions regarding this instrument and method of placing implants or any questions you may have about my surgeries or any other treatments.