Teeth Restoration
June 8, 2018
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Who doesn’t love beautiful teeth that will make your smile more appealing? For that, you need to have straight teeth with regular dental care. But not everyone is blessed to have naturally straight teeth because of numerous reasons. Some two decades ago, braces were the only option for straightening the teeth for kids and adults alike. It was only in 1997 that new technology was introduced in the cosmetic dentistry for aligning the teeth. In this technique, a series of clear and transparent aligners called Invisalign is used to straighten the teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of aligners that are used for teeth straightening. It comprises of series of plastic shells, also called aligners that fit to your teeth. These aligners gently shift your teeth over time, straightening your teeth, to give you a perfect smile. These aligners are unique to each patient as they are designed only for your mouth, based on the scan of your teeth.

Steps Followed During Invisalign

In this technique, the first step is to create a 3D model of your teeth. Initially, this was done by digitizing the teeth’s conventional impression. But now, the optical scanners have helped eliminate the need for the physical impression. The optical scans are more accurate and can give the digital image of the teeth in just one step.

In this process, the digital model has to be modified so that it represents the same thing that is desired at the end. The experience of the dentist will help in diagnosing and providing the treatment plans to the company, for making aligners.

Next, the series of aligners are designed so that the aligners will move the teeth to their final position in a systematic manner. The movement sequences should be prescribed by the healthcare professional. The doctor should also understand the type of design needed for achieving the intended movement of aligners.

After adjusting the design and finalizing the model, the aligners are manufactured by the company. The technique used in the manufacturing of aligners is called stereolithography. In this, the aligners are directly printed from the digital image, giving more accurate results. This method is time-saving, cost-effective and error-free, saving a considerable amount of money in the process.

These aligners should be worn for the entire day but can be taken out while eating, drinking and brushing. This treatment takes a minimum of 18 months; however, you can see the results sooner with the proper dental care. Invisalign is an effective technique to treat various kinds of dental problems such as Crowding, Overbite, Spacing, Underbite, etc. This is the most preferred way of getting the teeth straightened as this company has the expertise, product experience and customization.

This technique can be used to treat smallest to severe dental issues and treatment can be given to the patients from the age of 13 to 70 years. The aligners from Invisalign are very comfortable and clear and offer a complete solution for your dental problems