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December 8, 2017
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January 5, 2018
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Preventive care


Murias D.D.S is a dental health care center in Miami. It is your one-stop shop for all of your dental preventive care. We have been in the practice business for nearly thirty years now and we have been providing the best quality service to all our patients regarding dental preventive care. Dr. German L. Murias D.D.S and Dr. Eric Murias, D.D.S. are the lead implant doctors in this medical facility. Beside them, there are many other fine doctors who can help you with your dental problems. The Professional team of doctors diagnoses the problem and, then suggests the best possible solution. The Murias D.D.S believes in providing comfort, safety, quality and a naturally beautiful smile.

We have a range of dental solutions and preventive care for your teeth. Our dental care facility has been updated with many advanced technologies and experience in their fields that can restore the dental problems and give you a beautiful long-lasting smile. Our Dental facility is very concerned about the dental health of people. To keep us prevented from infection our facility Murias D.D.S use the fully sterilized equipment. We have some very useful tips that you should keep in mind while having a dental treatment.
Dental Exam: First of all a complete dental exam will be performed by our leading doctors in which they will evaluate the problem.
This might include some test for better understanding.

Radiographs: The dental radiographs are very important to diagnose the oral problem. It can provide extensive and valuable information regarding any dental abnormalities. Without radiography, there is a chance of the wrong diagnosis which can lead to many problems. While many people think that radiation exposure is bad for health our team uses precautions so that it really produces a small amount of radiation which is necessary for the treatment. Further, the doctors will make an assessment on the basis of tests and will treat you accordingly. We treat all kinds of dental problems here.
Professional Dental Cleaning: If the dental problems are related to cleaning, our registered hygienists will take the appointments and start the process of tartar removal and plaque removal after having the full dental exam. They will use some dental instruments to clean properly.

Maintenance: To maintain the preventive care of teeth one should always do brushing and flossing properly.

• Brush your teeth twice a day ideally in the morning after waking up and at night before sleep.
• Always use a brush which has soft hairs.
• Try to use the brush in small circular motions and back and forth way on the chewing teeth.
• Don’t put too much pressure on teeth or gums while brushing as it could really damage the oral health.
• We suggest not to use a brush after 3 months.
• Flossing is another way to keep the periodontal diseases away. Use a dental floss at least once a day to clean the inter-dental regions.

Proper brushing and flossing will keep the problems away like tartar, plaque, tooth decay, bad breath, and many other gum recession diseases.