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March 23, 2018
Reconstructive Surgery
April 20, 2018
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Reconstructive Surgery


As you grow older and reach adulthood, there might be chances of you experiencing a trauma or a hereditary condition that might affect your smile. It is vital that you have a perfect smile as this is the first thing that people notice when they communicate with you. If external circumstances like accidents, diseases or development abnormalities are responsible for ruining your smile, it can be repaired with the help of Reconstructive surgery. This procedure is mainly done for restoring the function and beauty of your face and mouth.

Oral Reconstruction Surgery is nothing but a kind of plastic surgery performed on the teeth, mouth, jaws or face if they are found to be abnormal, in terms of function or shape. The Oral Reconstruction not only improves the functionalities of your mouth and face but also help in cosmetic improvements. This procedure is unique to everyone and it is individualised according to the dental issues in a person. You can easily benefit from this procedure if you are facing any abnormalities or functional issues.

Reconstructive Surgery is a complicated procedure that can be performed only by an experienced dental surgeon. If you are searching for an expert dentist, who can help you bring your beautiful smile back, then Murias Dental is the best clinic for this. We have experienced dentists at Murias Dental Clinic, with an expertise in oral reconstructive surgery. We not only treat dental problems but also promote a healthier lifestyle that will help in maintaining the vibrant smiles of the patient.

Oral Reconstruction Surgery Treatments

This surgery helps in maintaining the patient’s quality of life, by improving the basic functionalities of face and mouth that were lost due to abnormalities, trauma or diseases.

Oral Reconstruction Surgery can treat any kind of dental problems,  helping the patient to get their smile back.

  •  It can help in the treatment of insufficient bone structure in the face
  •  If you are suffering from hereditary jaw defects, then this is the best method to repair your jaws
  •  When there is a worn or broken tooth in your mouth, reconstructive surgery can assist you in getting the appropriate shape and size of the tooth that will fit perfectly
  •  Many people suffer from bite discrepancies that can be easily cured by reconstructive surgery, thereby improving the function of bite
  •  This procedure can close the gaps in between the teeth that might have occurred due to unknown reasons
  •  Often injuries to the mouth or teeth wither the shape and appearance of the face. With the help of Oral Reconstructive Surgery, this can be cured

The process of recovery after the reconstructive surgery will depend on the procedure complexity and the condition of the patient. The surgeon will give aftercare instructions that have to be followed for speedy and careful recovery.

The reconstructive surgery is not the only option for dental problems and it can differ from person to person depending on the extent of dental issues in a person. To know if you need reconstructive surgery, you have to consult an experienced and certified oral surgeon. Murias Dental clinic has experienced, certified and highly qualified dentists, who have improved many patients’ quality of life.

When you are suffering from serious problems and need an expert advice, don’t forget to call us for an appointment to discuss your problems with one of the best dentists in Florida. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry and have brought back smiles of numerous people. During the consultation, you can also know the seriousness of the problems along with the details such as recovery time, cost and treatment duration.