Reconstructive Surgery

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October 27, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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Reconstructive Surgery


As we all know the human mouth is made of complex soft and hard tissues that hold structures. All the structures in the mouth are essential for its proper functioning. They all work in harmony and if any of the structure is damaged or hurt it can cause dental problems. The Reconstructive Surgery is a set of procedures that can fix the dental problem from that damaged part. The Murias D.D.S is the place where you can treat these problems with complete trust and authenticity.

 The Reconstructive Surgery is a set of procedures that can fix the dental problem from that damaged part.

Commonly, a small dental issue can be replacing the missing tooth, repairing of the damaged tooth, gum damage, replacement of expired dental work, correction of improperly placed jaw joints and jaw bone etc. All of these problems and the people who have experienced any facial damage fall into the candidacy of Reconstructive Surgery. These mentioned problems are minor but when one has multiple oral issues, we Murias D.D.S recommend a full mouth Reconstructive Surgery.

All the procedures are done one by one with our professional dental squad. Sometimes, our doctors suggest phased treatment plans which can be really helpful for the excellent recovery and it’s cost effective too. This type of procedure’s tenure may be prolonged but it has maximum recovery assured. Full mouth Reconstructive Surgery includes the given below combinations.

• Restorative Dental Treatment: In this treatment, dental crowns, tooth fillings, inlays, and on-lays, bridges are done.
• Implant Dentistry: In this procedure, doctors usually use implants to switch missing teeth which replicates the teeth from root to crown.
• Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry involves porcelain coatings, teeth whitening, gum re-contouring and dental bonding type procedures. It can be a bit costly.
• Neuromuscular Dentistry/TMD Treatment: This procedure involves the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) treatment and the bite issue. These are:
• Bruxism Treatments: It is a therapy to solve the issues of teeth grinding and related symptoms.
• Orthodontics: In this procedure, traditional metal braces, Invisalign and space insertions are entertained.
• Oral Surgery: It is one of the common root canal therapies, some tissue grafting, as well as tooth extractions. All of these fall in minor oral surgeries.
• Periodontal Treatments: Scaling of teeth, periodontal surgery and root planing falls in this category.

Potential Concerns: Usually people seek the guidance of their doctors as if there is any risk for having these Reconstructive surgeries. Murias D.D.S’s doctors give extensive guidance in which patient’s health is the foremost concern. It does not really apply that young patients can recover quickly and respond better to medicines than the older. This is not always true as some young patients take illegal drugs, smoke or drink which can really damage the oral health and some old people can have heart problems that can make difficult for them to take local or general anesthesia. So, considering all of these concerns, a patient should provide a complete health history to his doctor. Patients who will not maintain their oral health might not experience the full extent of full mouth reconstructive surgery.