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May 25, 2018
June 22, 2018
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Teeth Restoration


In spite of the best dental care, there are chances of you experiencing tooth decay, cracked or chipped teeth, greatly affecting your smile. Proper brushing and regular dental exams will help in keeping your teeth healthy but decay can occur due to unavoidable circumstances like dental caries or trauma. This is where teeth restoration comes in handy and help in getting your beautiful smile back. Dental restoration repairs the teeth and prevents the infection from spreading to adjacent teeth.

Getting it done from an experienced dentist will not only help in restoring the cracked or missing teeth but also relieve the pain quickly. Dr Murias Dental Clinic is an advanced centre, where many kinds of complicated procedures are carried out with ease. We work as a team to offer the best treatment to our patients, keeping in mind the safety and comfort. The treatment is done by our expert dentist surgeons, who are highly qualified and have more than 30 years of experience. With our friendly services, we have made hundreds of loyal customers, who choose to visit us for every kind of dental problems. We aim to treat every patient in a relaxed environment and improve their overall dental health in a professional manner.

Teeth Restoration is a treatment for restoring the integrity and function of the cracked or missing tooth. The treatment can vary from being simple, for the less decayed tooth to advance, for replacement of missing tooth. With the help of dental implants, the tooth restoration can also help in replacement of the tooth structure.

Different kinds of Teeth Restoration

They can be classified as Direct and Indirect with the former restoration being made inside the patient’s mouth and the latter made outside, like dental crowns and then placed inside the mouth.


This is the commonly used restoration technique, which is done to even out the tooth’s surface for better chewing. The fillings can be done with composite (tooth colored material) or you can choose amalgam fillings that include gold or silver.


Dental crowns can be used for either restoration of a cracked tooth, cosmetic improvement or for root canal treatment. Crowns also protect the tooth with the help of custom-fitted material.


Porcelain veneers help in rectifying stain, discoloration of teeth or minor misalignments. They are placed in front of the teeth and are also used as a teeth-whitening solution in many cases.


Dental bridges and implants are widely used for replacing the missing tooth, improving the looks and functioning of the teeth.
Teeth restoration has come a long way and has improved a lot in the last few years. It easily fixes dental issues, relieving pain and pressure in your teeth.

At Dr Murias, we use the latest equipment and advanced procedures for treating all kinds of dental problems. Don’t put off your visit to the dental clinic because of fear. We have well-trained staff, who provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to the patients during the treatment. Just call us and book an appointment for getting the best and safe treatment from our expert doctors at Dr Murias in Florida.