Preventive Care And Your Dental Health

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March 31, 2017
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Preventive Care And Your Dental Health


Health, being a state of physical and mental well-being, is an essential ingredient for a productive life and has various aspects namely preventive care, curative and rehabilitative health. It is a condition characterized by the absence of ailment

It is recommended that you visit doctor for regular check-ups, even when you think you are healthy, to identify risk factors for any disease, get screened for the presence of disease and prompt treatment if any, and to get health promotion tips.

 Preventive Care and Dental Health involves all measures and actions taken to prevent disease and live a healthy life.

Preventive health involves all measures and actions taken to prevent disease and live a healthy life. These measures and actions can be categorized as primordial, primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions. It is applicable to all aspect of health and diseases, cheap, and saves the cost of curative care.

Primordial prevention involves the measures taken to prevent the development of risk factors to a particular disease. Primary prevention includes all actions taken to prevent disease when the risk factors are already present in an individual. Secondary prevention takes care of early diagnosis and treatment of any disease condition before the development of complication and disability. Tertiary prevention is the treatment of complication and rehabilitation. The primordial, primary and secondary prevention are the most important aspects of preventive care in dentistry

In dental health, preventive care is refers to all activities aimed at preventing oral disease. It also includes screening for oral cancers, brushing, flossing and dental cleaning and it is highly important to keep your teeth healthy. It has also been found out that many other diseases have dental problems as their risk factors e. g. periodontal disease as a risk factor for preterm labour and subsequent preterm delivery. Thus, maintaining healthy teeth is one of the proven ways of preventing other diseases.

Actions to be taken by individual to ensure healthy teeth include: Brush your teeth daily with fluoride containing toothpaste and in a method described to you by your dentist and change your toothbrush regularly according to the recommendation of your dentist. These will ensure a fresh breath. Do daily flossing, as demonstrated to you by your dentist, in order to clean the spaces between your teeth. An adequate/balanced diet will provide your teeth with the necessary nutrients required for proper growth and development.

The American Dental Association recommends that an individual should visit a dentist at regular interval to ensure a clean, and strong teeth.

A visit to your dentist at least once in a year (or more frequently if you are at risk of dental problems) for dental examination, will ensure a prompt detection and possible treatment of any problem in your teeth.

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