What You Need To Know About Reconstructive Surgery

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April 28, 2017
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What You Need To Know About Reconstructive Surgery



Dental specialists perform proper treatment of injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures. Apart from physical reasons, these professionals are knowledgeable in rendering emergency dental care, acute treatment, and dental reconstructive surgery to relieve the patient of emotional trauma. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to handle and treat any form of dental problems.

Along with physical trauma, patients are often faced with a high degree of emotional shock as a result of injuries to the teeth and surrounding dental structures. As part of the science and art of dental treatments, some special training which requires a proper understanding and “hands on” experience of how patients’ appearance and long-term function can be enhanced through treatment is essential for optimum oral health.

Some common recipients of reconstructive surgery are isolated injuries to teeth. The proficiency of a variety of dental specialists may be required to correct these problems. When it comes to replanting knocked out or displaced teeth, oral surgeons are often called upon. These professionals are specialists in treating fractures in the supporting bone. Usually, one of a number of forms of splinting – by either bonding teeth together or stabilizing by wiring – is used to treat these types of injuries.

A knocked out tooth should be placed in milk or salt water. With this, it tends to have a better chance of survival when re-inserted into the dental socket. To this end, there should be no hesitation by any means to see an oral surgeon or dentist when such a thing happens. It is also important to understand that the success of replanting the tooth depends on the ligament that holds the tooth in the jaw. And so, no attempt should be made to wipe the tooth off.


Other dental specialists such as restorative dentists to rebuild or repair fractured teeth. Also, there may be need for an endodontist to perform root canal therapy. These days, dentists use dental implants to replace missing teeth particularly when the injured teeth cannot be repaired or saved.

Many specialists who are highly skilled in long-term reconstruction, acute treatment, emergency care and rehabilitation of patients are now going into the realm of ensuring proper treatment of dental injuries. For permanency and durability, reconstructive surgery is needed for reconstructing dental implants off the tooth cavity into the gums.

If the teeth have been missing for the initial surgery, tiny titanium will be directly inserted into the jawbone. Some metal anchors are also used to serve as a possible tooth substitute. At this stage, it is important to understand that these anchors do not react in any way with blood or saliva. They are safe to use for any dental procedure due to their non-toxic nature. They are basically established to serve as artificial teeth.

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